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Neon Signs


Illuminated Signs

Make your business stand out with luminous, eye-catching neon signage

NeonFab specialises in the design and fabrication of custom neon signs. Neon signage has helped business owners stand out for decades, and it’s still as effective as ever. Installing a neon sign will make a big difference to your business’ visibility since our eyes are naturally drawn to colour and light.

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Custom-made Neon Signs for Your Business or Home

NeonFab has been servicing New Zealand’s neon signage requirements for over thirty years. We have undertaken a diverse range of signage projects, ranging from simple neon ‘open’ signs to larger window display signs and corporate logo signs on high-rise buildings, managing the entire commission from concept to completion.

You can be assured of top quality, durable neon signs for indoor and outdoor installation, whether for commercial or retail businesses, or for private residential display. We make all our neon signs by hand, with even the simplest of pieces meticulously crafted.

Illuminated Art

We offer our clients:

Help With Your Design

Manufacture & Installation


Servicing & Maintenance



Neon Word Signs

Want to make your concept a reality or have something truly unique?

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We strive for customer satisfaction and work hard to ensure that your sign will be of the highest standard and be delivered on time. Each piece of work from NeonFab is tested in our workshop. From custom illuminated signs for your business or home to commercial art installations and special events, NeonFab can design and fabricate the lighting for your specific needs, creating personalised neon pieces.

We supply neon signs and neon art for all your bright ideas, including:

  • Corporate signs
  • Company logos
  • Business signs
  • Branding
  • Events
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts
  • Halo lighting
  • Home art
  • Gallery pieces
  • Wedding signs and hearts
  • Neon ‘word lights’
  • Baby signs
  • Mancave art
  • Neon lighting for your deck, kitchen, or home bar

Design, Fabrication & Installation

We only use non-ferrous metals, high quality glass tubes and signboards, and UV-rated plastic components in our signage. 

Our custom-made neon signs can be produced for your business or your home. We can supply ready-to-hang and plug-in pieces, either fully enclosed in an acrylic case, or on a sign case/panel, or on a metal frame. 

Contact us with your specifications and we will advise the best options for you. We are happy to work with you on your own specific design or logo. We have worked with a number of well-known businesses to create a bespoke design completely unique to them.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Neon Art Work

Supply-Only Neon

We offer the supply of neon and components to the industry. If you are a sign company and in need of neon tubing, please contact us for a trade price quotation.

Contact us today to discuss your specific neon and light and signage component requirements.